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Giants Athletics

Bishop Brady High School


Giants Athletics

Bishop Brady High School

Giants Athletics

Bishop Brady High School

Athletic Training

In the summer of 2014, Bishop Brady partnered with the NH Safe Sports Network/ New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute to provide athletic training and sports safety enhancements for student athletes. NHMI is a non-profit organization dedicated to sports health and safety.


Katie Kendall, Head Athletic Trainer

Masters of Science in Athletic Training
A.T. Still University Mesa, AZ
Thesis: “Clinical Presentation and Median Nerve Measurements using Diagnostic Ultrasound in Dental Practitioners.”
Advanced coursework in: Quality Improvement, Evidence Based Practice, Patient-Centered Care, Traumatic Brain Injury, Sudden Death in Sport, Health Information Technology, Foundations of Soft Tissue, Movement screening, Manual Therapy & Soft Tissue Techniques, & Diagnostic US
Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training
Northern Illinois University DeKalb, IL
Pre-Nursing/General Education

Illinois Valley Community College Oglesby, IL

Arizona Board of Athletic Training | License Athletic Trainer – 1649

Aug 2017-Present
Board of Certification, Inc – 2000029546
June 2017-Present
Certified Nurse’s Aide
Aug 2011-Aug 2014/Recertified March 2016-March 2018
Basic Life Support Provider CPR/First Aid | American Red Cross | American Heart Assoc.
Contact Katie @

The Athletic Training room is located across the hallway from the gymnasium.

Bishop Brady Emergency Action Plans

Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) have been developed for all venues where Bishop Brady practices, as well as for all home game sites. Click here to review the Emergency Action Plans.

NOTE: In case of injury, parents of student athletes can seek medical attention from their personal physician; however, our team physicians and concussion consultants have offered priority appointments to Bishop Brady athletes that need assessment.

ImPACT Testing

Bishop Brady has initiated baseline concussion testing for all student athletes. In this first year, all athletes will be tested. In subsequent years, all freshmen and juniors will take the computerized ImPACT test. As of September 10, 139 students have completed baseline concussion testing. For more information please visit, and click here to learn more about how Bishop Brady is utilizing the ImPACT test.

Head Injury Warnings

Often, the signs and symptoms of head injuries do not appear immediately after a trauma, but hours after the injury itself. For this reason, it is important to be vigilant for signs and symptoms of significant head injuries. Click here to learn more about the signs and symptoms to be watching for after an athlete sustains a head injury.

Injury Treatments

Depending on timing of the injury and treatment, it is important to treat an injury with the appropriate method. Reference the chart below to determine whether the best treatment for your injury is heat or ice.


When to use it • Best way to treat new (acute) injuries or pain, within first 72 hours of injury 
• To control any active bleeding 
• To prevent swelling after potentially injurious activity (for example, on the pitching shoulder after throwing) 
• Best when used after activity 
• May use after first 72 hours following injury 
• Used to increase tissue elasticity, range of motion 
• To clear up remnants of older (chronic)injuries 
• Best when used before activity 
How to use it • Use ice bags (20 minutes every hour) or... 
• Ice massage cups (10 minutes every hour) or... 
• Ice bucket (5-10 minutes every hour) 
• Commercial hot packs or warm whirlpools may be used for 20-30 minutes 
• Be sure to wrap hot packs in a towel or other barrier to protect from burns! 
DON'T use it • Directly over superficial nerves 
• If the arm or leg below the pack feels numb, burning or decreased sensation, remove immediately 
• Places to be careful: Inside elbow, outside of knee and foot 
• The injury is acute (less than 72 hours old) 
• When circulation or sensation is compromised (nerve damage, advanced diabetes) 

Additional Information for Parents and Students

Click here to view the Heads Up concussion information sheet for parents

Click here to view the Heads Up concussion information sheet for students

Click here to view Brady's Concussion Management Guidelines

Click here to access Brady's Consent to Treat/ Concussion Acknowledgement form
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