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Giants Athletics

Bishop Brady High School


Giants Athletics

Bishop Brady High School

Giants Athletics

Bishop Brady High School

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1 year ago

Meet Result 8/31 Gilford

Brady competed in a multi- team meet on 8/31  in Gilford at the Gunstock Ski area.   There were 17 teams and 174 runners in the Girls race, and 21 teams and 233 runners in the Boys race.   The Girls team placed  15th, and the Boys placed  21st.


GIRLS                                                                                    BOYS

Runner                                 Time      Place                                     Runner                                 Time      Place

Anna Grafton                     24:13     28th                                       Oscar Miller                        21:32     71st

Kamryn Compton             28:14     82nd                                        Will Scrivens                      26:00     168th

Wen                                      29:25     100th                                     Zach Faretra                       26:12     176th

Molly Dexter                      29:50     105th                                     Max Brown                         26:51     183rd    

Maddie Boyer                    30:36     124th                                      Kevin Du                              29:38     206

Manu Komma                    34:03     152nd                                      Aidan Kelly                          32:09     218th

                                                                                              Will Verdi       30:09    220th                                                    


A good start to the season.  Considering we have only been working out for 2 weeks (some less than that), these results are very encouraging.   Here are a few examples:  Anna Grafton ran 2:35 faster than last year’s time in this race.  Oscar Miller ran 1:33 faster; Zach ran 1:27 faster, and Molly ran :57 faster.

We also had a few running their first xc race.  Kevin Du, Will Verdi, Aidan Kelly,  Max Brown, Wen, and Maddie Boyer… welcome to cross country!  Great job!

These times today are benchmarks, lines in the sand.  They will only get faster in subsequent races.  This is a good start.  Wait until you see how much these times come down over the next 4 weeks.  Hang on!

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