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Giants Athletics

Bishop Brady High School


Giants Athletics

Bishop Brady High School

Giants Athletics

Bishop Brady High School

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2 years ago by Joan Herrington

Tennis Week of 3/26-3/30


We are happy and excited to begin a new season of Bishop Brady Tennis.  We are pleased to see the improvement in our returning players and their willingness to work hard at practice.  Thank you girls, and keep it up!  We have some newcomers to our team this year who are enthused about tennis, and working hard to learn a new sport —welcome!  

I will be communicating to our team via email and the site.  I don’t have all parent email addresses, I welcome parents  to receive my weekly emails, so please email me back with your address and I will add it to my list!

We are getting new uniform jerseys this season, the only piece of apparel you must buy is a white tennis skirt.  As long as the skirt is solid white, it doesn’t matter where you buy your skirt, or what brand.  All  players, including our new members, must buy a white tennis skirt.  

Our schedule for the week of 3/26 is as follows:

Monday 3/26: 3-4:30

Tuesday 3/27: 3-4:30

Wednesday 3/28: 3-4:30

Thursday 3/29: 3-4:30

Friday 3/30:  Good Friday.  No Formal Practice Allowed.

My quote for today:  I played the game one way.  I gave it everything I had.  It doesn’t take any ability to hustle.—Wade Boggs


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